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Terms Of Service

Terms & Conditions of Membership

In applying to become a Member of Blood & Sand LLC, I understand and agree to the following:

I acknowledge by signing this application that acceptance to being a Member of Blood & Sand LLC, (“Blood & Sand”), is at the sole discretion of the Management of Blood & Sand. If accepted as a Member of Blood & Sand, I shall abide by any and all rules for and expectations of Members now in affect or put into affect at a later date.

Membership is a privilege and does not convey any rights other than entrance to Blood & Sand during hours of operation. Membership is not transferable.

Determination of whether or not I am abiding by Member rules and expectations is at the sole discretion of Management. Failure by me or my guests to abide by these rules and expectations may result in the immediate termination of my Membership. Upon termination of my club membership I will be refunded any prepaid dues pro rata. I waive any right of action against Blood & Sand or its Management regarding termination of membership other than reimbursement of prepaid dues.

I authorize Blood & Sand LLC to initiate debit of membership dues to my credit card or checking account that I am providing on a separate sheet. I understand that if I choose to pay month-to-month, the monthly dues will be debited from my account each month on my membership initiation date.

As a member of Blood and Sand, I am aware of the following guidelines:

• In the tradition of the most upstanding drinking establishments, Members are expected to ask the bartender before approaching someone who’s sitting at the bar.

• When sitting at the bar, cell phones and text messaging are permitted, but if you want to have a conversation we ask that you step away from the bar and we will hold your seat.

• When bringing guests into Blood & Sand, if you wouldn’t feel comfortable inviting them into your own home, please don’t invite them to Blood & Sand.

• Please treat everyone with the same love, kindness, and respect you’d like to be treated with.

• Members are allowed to bring up to 3 guests each visit.

• Members do not need to make a reservation to be in the bar area and are welcome to pop in anytime, but a reservation is strongly encouraged when you plan to eat in the dining room.

• There’s no room fee for private parties (upon availability).

• In order to accommodate all of our members, we request that if you plan on spending more than 2 hours in the dining room, you notify us at the time of your reservation. We’d also be happy to reserve a table for you in the bar area after you’ve finished your dining experience.

I agree and acknowledge that Blood & Sand, its employees, management, officers and directors are not responsible for consequential or special damages, damage or injury to Club Members or their invitees, or loss or destruction of Club Member’s personal property, if caused by or attributable to, other Club Members or their respective invitees, inclement weather, acts of god, etc.

I have read and agree to abide by the above terms, and consent to Blood & Sand LLC charging my credit card if applicable.